My experience to date has been in the Real estate segment of the Fractional Ownership Market of which my sales revenue has already exceeded 20millions Euros and growing exponentially.

Encompassing some 8 successful real estate Fractional Ownership projects in prime resort locations across Thailand, I have expedited and hand raised the fractional model, painfully procuring the working model through legal and contractual second opinion to create a tax efficient, high profit and enormously successful fractional sales operation. My knowledge stemmed from laborious study of the mature and hugely successful American working models, but with careful integration of all of the best elements the “boutique” fractional concept was born. Careful, pricing, marketing strategy, massive and continuous training, product and pricing fine tuning are all major contributing factors to my success.

Strong profit bottom lines teamed with real reasons why today’s careful and highly aware consumer should say yes and buy with total confidence always being a background secret to it all. Hard work pays dividends and now I can say I was one of the pioneers to the opening up of the Asian Fractional Ownership market after thousands of hours of hard work and precise planning.