About Me

Born in Plymouth England in 1967 and so I have been told by my mother, I literary got up on my feet and walked one day, being not at all interested in rolling around on the floor or crawling. My parents not realising that this was probably the biggest indication that they would ever get that I achieve results quickly and instinctively know when to leap ahead and just do it.
Well, what I can I really tell you: Over the last 27 years initially engaged in military service, whereby I gained leadership skills and experience second to none. From that period onwards my direct sales career has seen me crawl up the career ladder from canvasser and sales rep, to team leader and manager, to area manager and trainer, to Regional Manager, Regional Director, Sales Director, Marketing Director and the dizzy heights of CEO and Managing Director. Differing product portfolios, travelling far and wide, bridging continents and language barriers it’s been great so far. Having successfully run companies turning over millions of Euros for myself, like-minded individuals and corporations alike.
Generally, I have sold and marketed products to levels beyond that of industry colleagues and within a fraction of normal timeframes through raw passion, love of commerce, energy, creativity, tenacity and desire for success that is relentless, infectious and self perpetuating. My core belief that we all have the power to be what ever we want and our only hurdle is our own limiting beliefs.
In one of my previous roles, I was Managing Director of Absolute groups interests in Thailand, Asia with my core responsibility being to look after approximately 75% of the groups financial picture and its business development, day to day trade and business growth/ constant restructuring. Since 2008 I have grown the financial picture by approximately 300%, through constant new product development, re-structuring and re-strategizing the businesses under my umbrella. That being; Absolute Fractional, Absolute Vacation Club, Absolute Developments, Absolute Real Estate, Absolute Resorts & Hotels and Absolute Thai Magazine. I have home grown and developed all departments through empowering and investing massive energy and structured training into the ground troops and middle/senior management. In simple terms, I operate personally in a heightened state and energize/encourage/motivate my colleagues to be the Absolute best that they can. Constant small but permanent changes in the individuals and the business alike, using a driftnet approach to all areas. No rock too small or too big to overcome or look under. 
An obvious plus of this approach being that not only am I forging company loyalty, but am forming new lives for the individuals that I touch thus giving me an enormous sense of well-being.  That’s real wealth, wealth of spirit and soul.