As our personal and business lives become more more and more entwined, life presents new challenges and opportunities that we've never encountered before. Whether relating to personal development, business development or just some sound advice, my focus is on devising solutions to matters that hold individual significance to us all. Only the range and the frequency differ. To that end, this website has been formed so that you may have an alternative solution. Please take the time to enlighten yourself and connect with me in total confidence:

Written Articles


Absolute Thai Magazine 15

It’s a year of change for McLaren, with the launch of their new MP4-12C supercar. Only the second road-legal car that McLaren have ever built, the first being the magnificent F1 back in 1993.


Absolute Thai Magazine 14

Let me start by wishing you all a Happy New Year. Out with the old and in with the new.A new car, maybe!


Absolute Thai Magazine 13

After building 80,000 Turbos in six generations over the past 35 years, Porsche still found plenty to improve.

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